Kate Middleton returns to school and joins science lesson at North London school__ photos


The Duchess of Cambridge returned to the classroom on Wednesday as she joined Year 8 pupils for a science lesson.



Kate surprised students at Nower Hill High School in Harrow, North London, as they learnt about the importance of early childhood development.



SEEN (Secondary Education around Early Neurodevelopment) is a research project run by Oxford University that looks to embed the key principles of early childhood development and neuroscience in students.



Over 3,700 11 to 14-year-olds took part in three lessons which covered the neuroscience of how brains are built and how experiences (including the role of caregivers) impact brain development.



The Duchess’ visit comes after she launched her biggest project to date earlier this summer – The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.



The Duchess looked elegant in a chic red jumper and matching coat for her visit. She wore her hair in loose tousled waves, while adding a touch of make-up to finish off her look.



The royal was seen deep in conversation with some of the students at Nower Hill High School.

Kate Middleton's green racing dress.



Kate told students that she felt “passionate” about the subject, telling them: “I was so fascinated when I first learnt about this.



How babies’ brains are formed and how they developed and what this means for us when we grow up.”



Over the last ten years, Kate has spent time looking into how challenges in later life such as addiction, family breakdown, poor mental health, suicide and homelessness can have their roots in the earliest years of someone’s life.




Through her work with The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, she is aiming to highlight how what we experience in early childhood shapes the developing brain, which is why positive relationships, environments and experiences during this period are so crucial.


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