Kate Middleton Mystery disappearance and possible places she might be__whereabouts secret revealed.



Being a working member of the royal family is a role that annoyingly comes without a job description. (Just ask Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex who admitted to Oprah earlier this year, “I didn‘t fully understand what the job was.”)



As all the women who have married into the monarchy over the last century, including Diana, Princess of Wales, Sarah, the Duchess of York, Sophie, the Countess of Wessex and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge have learned painfully, the only way to fully get a grip on being a card-carrying representative of the Queen requires fairly brutal on-the-job experience and running the PR gauntlet.



Here’s the ‘but’ – the upside of that lack of formal prescriptiveness is, handily, there is no such a bourgeois thing as any sort of cap on holiday leave.



Mustique for some sunshine and one of Basil’s Bar’s delightful pina coladas? (Kate’s go-to tipple there FYI.) Of course. A quick Verbier dash for some off-piste action? Lovely.



A week of salmon-fishing, grouse-hunting and whiskey-fuelled charades? Sounds like just the ticket.



However, not even this loosey-goosy approach to vacation time quite explains the current mystery surrounding Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.



Where the dickens is she?: As of today, the royal has not been photographed or taken part in any public engagements for 58 days.



The last time the royal was in the public eye was on July 11 when she attended Wimbledon men’s singles final before a costume change and zipping across London for the Euro 2020 final at Wembley with her husband and son Prince George.



(The poor little poppet is probably still in his bedroom mournfully clutching onto his Three Lions stripe and wondering where it all went wrong.)



Last year, the longest gap between public appearances (including Zoom engagements) was 41 days. On August 5, she and William visited Wales, spent much of the month on a break, and then she reappeared for a series of outings in London on September 15.



In 2019, that figure was 33 days but that also took into account nearly the whole month of August, when the entire royal family’s out-of-office is on.



For the last two years, she and William have also undertaken an engagement early in the month (taking part in the King’s Cup Regatta and visiting Wales respectively) but not in 2021. Their social media accounts don’t offer any clues.


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