Kate Garraway Left Disappointed As She Falls For Good Morning Britain’s April Fools’ Joke

Kate Garraway Left Disappointed As She Falls For Good Morning Britain's April Fools' Joke
Kate Garraway Left Disappointed As She Falls For Good Morning Britain's April Fools' Joke

Kate Garraway was left disappointed on today’s episode of ITV breakfast show as Vick Hope and the team played an April Fools’ joke on her live on air. They had teased a surprise guest would be on the show – but it turned out to be untrue

Kate Garraway was left disappointed today as her Good Morning Britain colleagues pulled an April Fools’ joke on her.

The presenter is anchoring the show today with her friend Ben Shephard and during the entertainment segment with Vick Hope, the panel were busy discussing the premiere of The Lost City last night in London.

The Lost City stars Sandra Bullock, Daniel Radcliffe and Channing Tatum amongst others, and the stars were out in force last night on the green carpet for the celebration of the upcoming film release.

Discussions on Good Morning Britain soon turned to a specific scene with Magic Mike star Channing Tatum, as detailed very explicitly by Ben, who explained the scene that Sandra was discussing in her interview.

Kate fell for the April Fools' jokeDuring her red carpet chat, Sandra explained it wasn’t weird doing an intimate scene with Channing, as she insists both of them were focused on making sure each other felt comfortable in the specific scene.

Talk in the studio soon turned to Magic Mike, Channing’s movie about male strippers, as the well-recognised music from the movie played and the studio flashed their lights.

Vick then teased there was a surprise guest coming into the studio – none other than Channing Tatum.

Vick played a trick on her GMB co-stars Vick played a trick on her GMB co-stars

Kate was shocked and she quickly sorted out her hair and got ready to welcome Channing onto the show – but it all turned out to be an elaborate joke by the whole team, leaving Kate gutted.

As Ben addressed the April Fools’ joke, he admitted even he had nearly fallen for the team’s elaborate joke.

Aside from her presenting duties on Good Morning Britain, Kate is also a full-time carer for her husband Derek Draper, who is suffering from long Covid after contracting the virus back in early 2020.

Channing Tatum didn't make it on the show Channing Tatum didn’t make it on the show

Giving an update on Derek’s health recently, she shared: “Obviously he is still terribly affected by Covid, and undoubtedly it has had an effect on certainly brain connections to his body.

“I don’t know about mental wellbeing if I’m absolutely honest, because he is still so affected in terms of communication and mobility that I wouldn’t feel qualified to say whether it had had an impact in terms of depression and anxiety.”

She added: “I mean it must be I would have thought, because if you are still unable to communicate and very challenged mobility wise, and lung, and all the other things, then that is going to affect. It’s interesting isn’t it that now at last… everything was focused on the lungs, and then people were understanding there is fatigue, which is actually a neurological problem anyway, and now more and more we are realising the wider impact.”


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