Kaley Cuoco: What To Watch If You Love The Big Bang Theory Actress

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What up, Moonpie?

One of the primetime comedic actresses of this generation that has really exploded in the last decade is Kaley Cuoco. From her breakout role in The Big Bang Theory to some of her latest projects, such as The Flight Attendant, Cuoco has not only expanded her repertoire of acting roles but also shown her range.
From her time in movies to some of her awesome TV series’ this is where you can stream some of the best movies and TV shows featuring Kaley Cuoco – and how you can look out for some of her new projects coming out.
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The Flight Attendant (HBO Max)
If you’re looking for something full of mystery, be sure to check out The Flight Attendant. This HBO Max original series stars Kaley Cuoco, and tells the story of a young woman, who is a flight attendant (hence the name), and has a crazy night with a passenger while intoxicated. But when she wakes up the next morning, she finds the guy dead – and she’s unable to remember what happened. Now, she has to retrace her steps in order to figure out this mystery – and if she was the one who killed him.

While Kaley Cuoco became super famous from roles like The Big Bang Theory, I love her in this show even more. You really get to see her acting talents shine, as she gets to show off her impressive skills as a dramatic actress as well as a comedic actress. The mystery is fun from beginning to end, and with Season 2 on its way, now is the perfect time to binge Season 1. Definitely one of the best HBO Max original shows.

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Hop (Netflix)
Out of all the holidays, have you ever wondered how the Easter Bunny operates? That’s what Hop tries to display. In this partially animated children’s film, a regular guy ends up hurting the Easter Bunny in a silly accident, and now he has to take it upon himself to try and nurse the mythical creature back to hopping around and delivering his eggs like normal.

Alright, I’ll be honest – Hop isn’t the best animated/live-action holiday movie out there. There are tons that do this concept a little better. But what I can appreciate about this is Kaley Cuoco and her character, Samantha. I love the relationship she has with her on-screen brother, Fred (played by James Marsden), and her scenes with E.B. (Easter Bunny) are genuinely a lot of fun. Do I think the film could have been a little better? Yeah, but it’s still an enjoyable movie nonetheless.

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Charmed (Season 8 – Peacock)

I bet you didn’t think Cuoco would show up here, huh? Charmed, a popular fantasy series for several years, tells the legendary tale of three sisters who have amazing magical powers, from spells to charms to anything you could think of. Together, they use their combined magical power to stop some of the darkest forces the world has to offer, like warlocks, evil wizards, and more.

Charmed included Kaley Cuoco as a main character in the last season, playing Billie, and while her character was controversial for a few reasons, I still enjoyed her portrayal. It was a nice change of pace for someone who was primarily a comedic actor at the time and I enjoyed seeing her in something that didn’t always have a laugh track where she could really show off her skills. If you haven’t seen Charmed at all, I do think you should watch it. It’s such a great series, and with a lot of fun magical tricks and good lessons to learn.

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The Penthouse (Tubi)
You want a fun comedy film that will surely make you chuckle? Check out The Penthouse. In this movie, three friends who have known each other practically their whole lives live in a penthouse, the ultimate bachelor pad. But soon, one of those friends gets a girlfriend – and the other has a sister who is a little too comfortable staying in the apartment. Will this be the end of their bachelor years forever?
Kaley Cuoco plays Erica Roth, one of the aforementioned girls who starts to stir things up in the penthouse, and I have to say I really enjoyed her performance in this. I also really liked her scenes with April Scott, who plays Trista in The Penthouse, since the two girls end up causing so much drama it practically causes the house to meltdown. It’s a fun R-rated comedy movie that has plenty of fun moments, mixed in well with a sick looking apartment.

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8 Simple Rules (ABC)
If you wanted to see what made Kaley Cuoco break out into the TV world before her hit science sitcom, check out 8 Simple Rules. This popular sitcom followed a common theme for shows at the time, centering on parents who are trying to raise their children in this crazy world, except in this household, the father has his set of rules regarding his children, and how he believes they deserve to be treated.

To be honest, when I first watched this show I didn’t think I’d be the hugest fan just because I thought it would be like any other sitcom at the time, but I was gladly mistaken when I saw Kaley Cuoco’s performance in this. She was so great as Bridget, one of the daughters, and her steady transformation over the three seasons, from a pretty stereotypical teenager to a mature young woman, is worthy of praise. I wish the show had gotten more seasons but I highly recommend you to watch it for yourself.

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Killer Movie (Amazon Prime)
Satire films are always exciting if done well, and I think that Killer Movie was a great way of showing what can be done with a good cast. In Killer Movie, a director decides to shoot a reality show about a town’s hockey team, but soon, this show turns deadly when a killer starts to take out all his cast members, from annoying celebrities to normal everyday people.

Kaley Cuoco plays Blanca Champion, a celebrity with a problematic past mixed in with all the other regular cast members and she causes drama, y’all. I didn’t think that Kaley Cuoco could act like a mean girl so well but she does it perfectly in Killer Movie, and her mixed in with the horror movie aspect and the mystery of it all really makes this a fun movie to watch. Out of everyone in the cast, I believe that she did the best.

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Ladies Man (Crackle)
From another sitcom on this list, Kaley Cuoco played Bonnie Stiles in Ladies Man, starring Alfred Molina and Sharon Lawrence. In this short-lived show, we follow the story of Jimmy Stiles, a normal everyday man who is living with a ton of women in the same house as the only man. And truly, his life is filled with adventures every day.

Kaley Cuoco took over the part of Bonnie in Season 2, and I personally think she captures the character a little better through her mannerisms and more. The whole cast is really great, having good chemistry and creating some pretty funny stories. Betty White is a star in this as well, playing Jimmy’s mother, and her scenes are truly spectacular. I wish the show had gone on for longer. Two seasons doesn’t feel like enough.

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Harley Quinn (HBO Max)

There are plenty of interpretations of Harley Quinn now in the modern world of superhero movies and shows, but one of my favorites has been Kaley Cuoco’s Harley Quinn. This HBO Max original show documents the story of Harley Quinn, the famous DC antihero and her trials and tribulations of trying to become a villain that is taken seriously and not just considered the Joker’s sidekick, through building her own team, finding her own companions and more.

Harley Quinn is such a great show. As a DC fan and someone who loves adult animated cartoons, this is the perfect mix of both and Kaley Cuoco’s voice-acting skills are truly out of this world fantastic. I never would have imagined that she, of all people, could shine as the classic antihero but honestly, I don’t think I want to hear another person voice Harley. Kaley Cuoco rocks it in so many ways, and her character is hilarious to watch. If you’re a fan of superheroes, definitely watch this. Now I just need Season 3.

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The Big Bang Theory (HBO Max)
I mean, you came here for this, didn’t ya? The Big Bang Theory is one of the most known sitcoms probably of all time, telling the story of Sheldon and Leonard. These two are brilliant – like they could “probably save the world” kind of brilliant – but even if their knowledge of the universe is as expansive as their brains, that doesn’t help them socially. However, everything changes when Penny – a woman with a lot of personality – moves in right next to them, turning their calculated worlds upside down.

The Big Bang Theory was a huge hit for many reasons, with all of its stars getting paid a ridiculous amount of money near its final seasons for how popular it was. Kaley Cuoco became a big-time star after this for good reason, as her character is iconic, with plenty of hilarious quotes, storylines, and more to keep you entertained. The whole show is really worth the time to watch and something that everyone should see at least once, especially for the moments when Sheldon knocks on Penny’s door several times.

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The Wedding Ringer (Amazon Rental)
Lastly, we have The Wedding Ringer. This romantic comedy, mixed in with a hilarious buddy film, is all about a guy who is getting close to his wedding date, day by day. Because he’s never been that social, he has no groomsmen for his wedding, so he takes it upon himself to go to a company that he can pay to provide him with “fake” groomsmen. However, this in turn leads to him having to deal with many more problems down the line, and hilarities ensue.

The Wedding Ringer, to me, has always been funny. I always enjoy it for many reasons, and that’s mainly because I think Kaley Cuoco was really great in her role as the leading lady, playing Gretchen Palmer. This poor girl just wanted a regular wedding and her future husband ended up changing that real quick, and Cuoco just does a great job of showing those emotions, combined with some hysterical moments. Also, Kevin Hart rocks it in his leading role, as well as Josh Gad, the man getting married. Definitely a fun one in my opinion, even if some of the movie can lag at certain points.


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