Kaley Cuoco recalls ‘terrifying’ moment gag backfired on Big Bang Theory fan


Kaley Cuoco has shared the ‘terrifying’ moment when a Big Bang Theory-themed joke backfired on a fan during a flight.



Kaley, 35, best-known for playing Penny on The Big Bang Theory, is currently starring as the lead in The Flight Attendant, which follows flight attendant Cassie Bowden as she finds herself embroiled in a murder case.



While the miniseries is full of shocking twists and turns, the actor found herself in the midst of a different kind of scary situation when a fan – who incidentally, was a flight attendant – decided to disturb her while she was watching a film on a plane.



Kaley explained that she was ‘engrossed’ in a film at the time, which is why the fan’s interruption may have felt like it came ‘out of nowhere.



I was in my seat. I was really engrossed in this movie and out of nowhere – and I know the flight attendant thought this was very funny and in hindsight, maybe she now regrets it – she came up and she went “Penny, Penny,” and she started knocking at me,’ Kaley said.



At this point, Kaley imitated the flight attendant’s knocking on a wooden table.Anyone who has ever watched The Big Bang Theory will be aware that Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) often incessantly knocks on Penny’s door, calling her name repeatedly at the same time.



While some may have understood the reference straight away, Kaley did not.‘And it was, like, terrifying. And I could tell [from] her face, she goes, “I’m so sorry”,’ she told USA Today.



‘I’m like, “That’s OK, (but) why are you knocking?” It wasn’t registering. And she was so sorry and I said it was very OK.’


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Kaley added that often when she’s on flights, she’ll spot fellow passengers watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory when she gets up from her seat.



When she does, the actor will sometimes ‘wave’ to the viewers ‘or give them a little nudge’, she said.Can you imagine being tapped on the shoulder by Penny while watching the American sitcom? Now that would be a flight to remember.



Earlier this week, Kaley and her Big Bang Theory co-star Johnny Galecki reunited to surprise patients being treated at a children’s hospital.


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