Kaley Cuoco Looks Drop-Dead Gorgeous From Her Car In L.A. Rain


Kaley Cuoco needed no frills to knock the camera dead today. The “Big Bang Theory” actress who lives in cheap nightgowns – and deems them an Amazon “essential” item – has largely stayed off her Instagram since she marked #BlackoutTuesday earlier this week.



Kaley, 35, did, however appear in stories posted by billionaire heir husband Karl Cook today. They showed the 2018-married couple cruising around L.A. in their car – if you’re in the West Coast city, you’ll know that it was a drizzly 67 degrees on Friday.



Scroll for snippets from the car footage below. They contrast looks that have been dominating the actress’ Instagram amid COVID-19, with her beloved nightgowns getting more coverage than ever as Memorial Day weekend saw an “awesome” unicorn one from Amazon that retails for $26.



As to the car footage, it was fuss-free. Kaley, 100% makeup-free and in a chunky black puffer jacket was looking drop-dead gorgeous as she talked about – and carried – “foster fail” chihuahua Dumptruck Dumpy. Scroll for the infectious laughter.



Kaley – who eventually laughed so hard she cried – initially appeared put-together. The California native was stroking Dumpy as she enjoyed her drive, with the conversation entirely centering around the pup whose #wheresdumpy now sees Kaley unable to find her own pet inside her new $12 million Hidden Hills estate. Kaley said that if she’s “chasing him around the room,” Dumpy “knows.” For Kaley, this showed a “major genius.” Husband Karl wasn’t too sure, but he let his wife carry on rambling. This was the result…



It just kept going. “And he’s lost so much weight, he’s so athletic,” Kaley continued, also referring to her pet as a “cougar.” As the star went from calling Dumpy a “cougar” to a “deer,” equestrian Karl lost it. Then Kaley did. The star, seen with her bombshell blonde locks down, burst out laughing so hard she couldn’t talk.



Likely why Karl added text of “no words” to the video. While laughing, Kaley said: “The genius of the smarts that Dumpy has.” For a better summary of the literal farm the Cuoco household is, scroll down.



Kaley, a known animal lover, now sees her new home overflowing with pets, plus the horses, goats, and donkeys she and Karl raise. Existing dogs Blueberry, Norman, and Ruby were joined by Dumpy in March. They’re also kept company by rabbits Simon and Lenny who live in the glass-wrapped “Hippity Hop House” in Kaley’s garage.



Simon, boasting the @simon_silly_rabbit Instagram account, recently got cooled by the A.C. during California’s heatwave. Kaley also welcomed two squealing piglets amid the global pandemic.


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