Kaley Cuoco Claims ‘Big Bang Theory’ Boss Messed With Her and Johnny Galecki After They Broke Up


Kaley Cuoco appears to be happy as can be with her husband of three years, Karl Cook. But even still, the actress hasn’t forgotten about the time she dated her Big Bang Theory costar Johnny Galecki.



While playing on-screen love birds Penny and Leonard on the series, The Flight Attendant star started falling for the Roseanne actor pretty early on in the show’s run.



Though Johnny supposedly had a girlfriend at the time, he and Kaley wound up dating for about two years before calling it quits.



The only problem was, at the time of their breakup, Kaley and Johnny’s characters were still very much hooking up with each other, which understandably made things a bit messy, according to what Kaley admitted on the Armchair Expert podcast in 2020.



In fact, Kaley believes that the CBS sitcom’s creator Chuck Lorre was writing in more hookup scenes just to mess with the duo in real life.



“When we broke up, obviously it was a little sensitive for a minute,” Kaley began. “But I remember those weeks that Chuck had written these episodes where all of a sudden our characters were like sleeping together every other second.


Kaley Cuoco
And Johnny and I would talk, I’m like, ‘No but I think he did that on purpose.’ I still believe he might’ve … just to f–k with us. … Which makes me love him even more.”



While it’s unclear if that’s true, in the end, both Kaley and Johnny decided to be friends and appear to be on great terms to this day.



While Kaley married Karl in 2018, Johnny reportedly broke up with his girlfriend of two years, Alaina Meyer, last November. The two have a son together Hilariously, Kaley and Johnny even joked about their past relationship on Valentine’s Day. When Kaley shared a photo of herself and Karl smooching in celebration of the love holiday and their anniversary, she wrote in the caption, ” I don’t remember a moment before you entered my life..



what a boring life that must have been!” Pretending to take issue with that sentiment, Johnny hilariously wrote back, “Um.” In response, Kaley simply replied, “LOL.”


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