JUST IN: Piers Morgan Mocks ‘Proven Liar’ Meghan Markle Over Spotify Comeback

JUST IN: Piers Morgan Mocks 'Proven Liar' Meghan Markle Over Spotify Comeback
JUST IN: Piers Morgan Mocks 'Proven Liar' Meghan Markle Over Spotify Comeback

Piers Morgan is taking a swipe at Meghan Markle, who has just confirmed her Spotify podcast release.

As per Variety Magazine, the Duchess of Cambridge is ready to get back on board wit the music streaming giant after the platform has addressed misinformation around COVID-19.

A tweet by Brian Shelter read: “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Archewell production company says it’s satisfied that Spotify is adequately addressing misinformation on its platform — and announced that a podcast featuring Markle will hit the audio-streaming platform this summer…”

The former Good Morning Britain host, who is coming back with his new show, was quick to mock the Duchess over change of plans.

“So a proven liar is now satisfied nobody else is lying? Beyond parody,” he wrote, adding three laughing emojis.


The statement came after a Spotify podcaster, Joe Rogan, came under fire for spreading false information around the virus.

Both Meghan and husband Prince Harry strongly reacted to the scandal at the time.

In a statement, Archewell encouraged Spotify to “ensure changes to its platform are made to help address this public health crisis” but despite this, noted how the couple are “committed to continuing” their work with the platform.


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