Jo Elvin Clarified Why Prince Harry And Meghan’s Fans Face Backlash For Targeting William

Prince Harry and Meghan's fans face backlash for targeting William
Prince Harry and Meghan's fans face backlash for targeting William

The ‘Sussex Squad venting murderous fury’ over ‘enemy number one’ Prince William

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s fans have come under fire for ‘venting murderous fury’ over ‘enemy number one’ Prince William.

Jo Elvin, the host of Palace Confidential, said she came under “some quite epic trolling on social media” last week by ‘Sussex Fans’ who she said were trying to find any reason to be angry with the Prince.

She, in a Mail on Sunday article, wrote: “The Sussex Squad likes to indulge in a sport I call ‘Offence Fracking’: the deep, deep mining for something – anything! – to jump on and be angry about.”

The royal expert dubbed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s fans as the ‘Sussex Squad’ in her article.

“Last week, their ship really came in when they found the most spurious of reasons to vent murderous fury at enemy number one, Prince William.”

It comes after the William and Kate met volunteers at the Ukrainian Culture Centre last week in London, who were helping to fill lorries with aid to support the humanitarian relief efforts, where Harry’s elder brother said: “For our generation it’s very alien to see this in Europe.”

The Duke of Cambridge came under immediate criticism after reports stated he had said it was “unlike conflicts in Asia and Africa”.

Elvin said: “Initially, some social-media reports claimed William had also made a comment along the lines of ‘We’re more used to seeing this in Africa or Asia’.

“But it turned out he said no such thing – the proof coming later in the day, when a video from the event was widely circulated online.

“But there’s no fun in that for the Offence Frackers. So Twitter’s Sussex Squad wasted no time in screeching about ‘racist’ William”.

She claimed this was “egged on” by Omid Scobie, the author of Finding Freedom, who she describes as “Harry and Meghan’s most famous cheerleader”.

However, the author shared a video of William’s visit to the centre, with the caption: “Following a Press Association report which claimed Prince William said Britons are ‘more used to seeing conflict in Africa and Asia’, a clip of the conversation in question—not featuring these words—has been shared.”

She continued: “Even if William actually had said the line about Africa and Asia, it would have been outstanding work to take a tiny, throwaway comment and contort it until they found a reason to be angry (the textbook definition of Offence Fracking).

“But then Meghan and Harry’s ‘squad’ really do all seem the type who could start a brawl in an empty room.”


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