It’s a constant challenge: Kate Middleton opens up about motherly duties as she feels guilt-check

kate middleton and family

Kate Middleton has addressed the issues she deals with as a mom of three, saying that she often feels ‘mom guilt’, especially when her daughter Princess Charlotte pleads with her for time. During her chat with Giovanna Fletcher on the Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast, the Duchess of Cambridge, mother to Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte, not only touched on ‘mom guilt’ but also the heartbreaking words she sometimes hears from her kids.

According to Kate, she ‘absolutely’ feels guilt sometimes, and “Anyone who doesn’t as a mother is actually lying.” Kate then shared the sweet words that Princess Charlotte often says when she can’t take her kids to school herself; “Mummy how could you possibly not be dropping us off?”

Kate Middleton, Prince Williams and Diana

The Duchess further added: “It’s a constant challenge: you hear it time after time from mums, who aren’t necessarily working and aren’t pulled in the directions of having to juggle work life and family life.” Kate also added that she often finds herself “questioning her decisions and judgements” and that it started for her from the moment she had a baby.


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