Is this going to be the end for this couples!! as prince Williams had a break with kate middleton .


Like lots of people across the UK, Kate Middleton and Prince William enjoyed a break with their children over the summer holidays.



In fact, in between engagements, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were seen spending time with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis on numerous occasions.



Although they are members of the Royal Family, like a lot of parents they wanted to make the most of the school holidays before September rolled around again (too quickly or slowly depending on your viewpoint).However, Prince Willam took a quick break away from the family to sort out a situation with a special friend, it has been reported.



The second in line to the thrown became involved in a rescue effort of a soldier serving in Afghanistan that he was at Sandhurst with.



The soldier in question has not been named but it seems the prince’s actions have paid off with The Telegraph reporting that the officer and his family made it out of Kabul airport before the August 31 deadline.



In order to aid his old cadet comrade, Prince William contacted his colleague, Naval officer Rob Dixon, who contacted ground forces in Kabul on his behalf.



Officers and commandoes from 2 Para, 16 Air Assault Brigade were informed of the prince’s intervention and managed to get the Afghan soldier and 10 of his family onto a plane.



In regards to the soldier, The Telegraph reported: “His position meant his family group of more than 10, comprising several women and children, would have been particularly vulnerable.”Prince William graduated from Sandhurst in 2006, when the royal was 23.




The ceremonial parade was attended by many of his family including the Queen and Prince Charles.



Also in the audience was William’s future wife, Kate, and her parents Carole and Michael Middleton.After graduating William served for seven years in the RAF and Search and Rescue forces as a pilot.


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