Gal Gadot’s Fans FURIOUS Over Next Movie


Wonder Woman (2017) star Gal Gadot is one of the most popular and prevalent Hollywood actresses in history. It seems that Gadot appears in every upcoming movie, including the controversial Death On The Nile (2022) film, but her latest casting has fans up in arms.
Making yet another splash in 2021 with The Red Notice (2021) (featuring Ryan Reynolds and Dwanye Johnson), Wonder Woman: 1984 (2021), and Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), Gal Gadot is the Queen of Hollywood.

With so many new movies coming her way, the future of Gadot is incredibly bright, but with news that she’ll be leading a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic To Catch A Thief (1955) film, fans are anything but happy:

Paramount Pictures reportedly greenlit a remake of To Catch A Thief, a revered Alfred Hitchcock film that initially featured Golden Age superstars Cary Grant and Grace Kelly (regulars of Hitchcock movies).
To Catch A Thief is considered a classic movie, especially with Grace Kelly’s famous wardrobes.
However, actress Gal Gadot is bringing new light to this Hitcock motion picture, with Eileen Jones tapped to write the new screenplay.

Remakes aren’t uncommon in Hollywood, but it seems that many are upset over this matter:
They better not screw this up. “To Catch A Thief” is one of my all time favorite movies!!

Another fan shared:
When you hear that they’re remaking To Catch a Thief with Gal Gadot…


Another individual tweeted:
not enough to Gal Gadot play Hedy Lamarr?? it already was the WORST now they will ruin to catch a thief and she’s in the middle of that AGAIN

Gadot has been under scrutiny from many over the upcoming Death on the Nile, a film starring Armie Hammer, who’s currently under investigation for various scandals.
On top of that, Gal Gadot is under fire for being cast as Cleopatra in Patty Jenkin’s upcoming Cleopatra movie.


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