Four Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick is always a delight during her interviews but, what’s more, interesting are the Easter eggs we find. It’s easy to lose yourself in the Pitch Perfect singer’s jokes. I won’t judge you if you did; even former U.S. President Barack Obama did. Let’s test your knowledge on your favorite comedian from Maine. Give a thumbs up for every fun fact you knew before reading.

Anna Kendrick Has Been In Handcuffs!

Was it a trip to prison or a freaky night with a romantic partner? We’ll never truly know because Anna is coy like that. In 2014, during a game of Never Have I Ever with Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg, and Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show, she revealed this info.
Like the sly mistress she is, the actress left out the juicy details on a technicality. The question didn’t extend to when she was in handcuffs.


Anna Kendrick Once Used Her Celebrity Status To Get Out OF Trouble

In the same game, The Accountant actress let slip that she’s used her position to get out of trouble. I would too if I were famous! Surely, there are perks of being a celebrity. Again, Anna remained mum over the details. Hosts should close every loophole. We need the piping hot tea! Why work so hard to achieve success if it can’t get you out of a tricky situation? Hopefully the next interview Anna goes to she tells us all the gossip we so much crave. Until then, let’s revel in this information we gleaned.

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Anna Kendrick Roasted Barack Obama
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In a 2018 interview with Stephen Colbert the A Simple Favor actress narrated the origin of her viral picture with Barack Obama. In the image, we see the former U.S. president bowled over in laughter (we all wondered what could’ve been so funny!) According to Anna, it was a city-specific joke. She roasted the then president for his lack of sufficient knowledge of their shared hometown. Watch the video below to hear the joke.


Anna Kendrick Hates Her Famous Resting B***h Face

During a promotional interview with her Pitch Perfect 3 co-stars Hailee Steinfeld and Brittany Snow, Anna expressed her dislike for her “Resting B***h Face.” The actress is notorious for looking unbothered in pictures. She’s aware and doesn’t like it one bit.
She doesn’t know why she does it; it’s just her face! The interview host James Corden attempted to replicate the look with the co-interviewees. Watch the hilarious moment below.
So, did you pass the test? If yes, pat yourself on the back because Anna would be so proud! If not, you need to brush up on your “Anna-information.”



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