Five (5) Sasha Banks Best & Worst Rivalry & Fight Storylines


Sasha Banks is one of the biggest stars in WWE, but not every storyline she has, works out well.
Sasha Banks is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, and throughout her career she has had some amazing matches and moments. The Legit Boss has etched her name into wrestling history due to some of the storylines she’s been involved with in both NXT and on the main roster.

Banks is a terrific in-ring worker and her ability to tell stories with her wrestling is something that makes her matches a lot of fun to watch. But she can also cut a great promo, which takes many storylines to the next level for Banks. However, not everything is perfect from her career as several of her feuds have ended up falling flat as well, proving nobody is perfect.

Best: WrestleMania Headliner


Any storyline that takes a wrestler to the main event of WrestleMania has to be seen as a positive one. That was the case made for Banks’ rivalry with Bianca Belair heading into WrestleMania 37, which was an enjoyable story that fans loved.

They took each other to new heights, with Belair establishing herself as the top upcoming star, while Banks was the veteran not wanting to lose her spot. It led to an incredible match at The Grandest Stage of Them All as well, which helped to make this rivalry even better.

Worst: Absolution


The feud with Absolution wasn’t a bad one because of anything anybody did. However, this rivalry never got going to the level people expected because of Paige’s career-ending injury. It pretty much stopped everything in its tracks immediately.
They were not able to get to the level that everyone knew they were capable of because of that, which is a shame because things were connecting. It’s a case of what could have been, but in the end, it finished up as a poor angle.

Best: Asuka


Asuka and Sasha Banks had some impressive in-ring matches because they had great chemistry. Asuka’s striking ability matched with Sasha’s selling was always a joy to watch, and that was something that made this so intriguing.

However, the fact that they were able to blend singles and tag work also helped. Sasha Banks and Bayley feuded with The Kabuki Warriors at the same time, which allowed this to be a detailed story.
Worst: Original Women’s Tag Title Feud


The creation of the Women’s Tag Team Championship was exciting for everybody, and having Sasha Banks and Bayley be the first champions was a wise idea. However, their first feud against Tamina Snuka and Nia Jax was a flat one.

It isn’t something that people were interested in and that hurt the tag team division right out of the gate. People needed to see a much more vibrant product.
Best: Bayley Turns On Her Partner


Sasha Banks and Bayley were two of the MVPs during the pandemic era, and as a tag team, they hit their groove. Their run as Women’s Tag Team Champions was brilliant, but it was obvious a split was coming, and that happened with Bayley turning, which was a surprise.
Fans had expected things to be the other way around so that instantly caught the attention of the audience. But the fact they were able to create such good work with a great run of matches made this one to remember. Their Hell in a Cell bout was brilliant and the story ended up being a huge success.

Worst:​​​​​​​ A Secret Admirer


Secret admirer storylines can be interesting when done right, but the angle between Sasha Banks and Audrey Marie wasn’t one of those. The main issue here was that Banks was quite a new character and fans hadn’t created a connection for why someone would care about her so much.

On top of that, Banks was the babyface, which didn’t suit her. While she can get audiences behind her, Sasha hadn’t created much of a character by that point in her career and she didn’t get over as well with the fans.

Best: Sasha Banks & Charlotte Flair Trade Titles


The first important singles storyline that Sasha Banks had on the main roster was with Charlotte Flair. The two of them established the women’s division on Raw. They pushed the division to new heights as they went back and forth with a series of incredible matches.

From headlining Raw to being in the first-ever women’s Hell in a Cell, they were able to achieve a lot together. They had great chemistry and while they arguably traded the title a little too frequently, the WWE Universe always expected great matches.

Worst:​​​​​​​ Trios Teams For Everyone


The day Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair were brought to the main roster was an exciting one. However, WWE decided to create some trios groups without much thought process being put into things.

Sasha Banks teamed up with Tamina Snuka and Naomi as Team BAD, while there was also Team PCB and Team Bella. They were all randomly thrown into the mix against each other, which is something nobody was interested in.

Best: The Legit Boss vs. The Hugger


Out of everything Sasha Banks has done, her greatest rivalry took place in NXT. These two women created something special with what they did during their matches, and that helped make them feel important. The division was taken up a notch and they raised their star power as well.
Their encounters still remain among the greatest in NXT’s history, which is a high bar considering what else has taken place. Because they’re great friends, they instantly work as rivals, as they pushed each other to heights that other rivals aren’t willing to do.

Worst: Battling Nia Jax


After Sasha Banks wrapped up her storyline with Charlotte Flair, The Legit Boss ended up being taken out by Nia Jax. It was a storyline that never truly engaged with its audience and it was always difficult to believe that she could truly cause damage to the much bigger opponent.

The fact that their match at the 2017 Royal Rumble was relegated to the pre-show proved that the WWE Universe wasn’t overly impressed by the work they were doing. Sadly, they just didn’t connect, which led to this being a forgettable angle.


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