Dolphins’ Jevon Holland explains Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce’s greatness

Dolphins' Jevon Holland explains Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce's greatness


The Kansas City Chiefs are gearing up to compete for their third Super Bowl title in the era of Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce.

The three of them have routinely thwarted defenses through the air time and time again. Opponents everywhere struggle to keep up with their creativity and chemistry, as Miami Dolphins safety Jevon Holland explained.

Holland got close-up looks at the Mahomes-Kelce connection twice this season. His Miami Dolphins lost to the Chiefs in the Wild Card round and Week 9. He told Ari Meirov of The 33rd Team how No. 87 always gets open and how No. 15 is always ready to get it to him.

“He finds the pockets in space,” the Dolphins safety said. “It’s really not route combinations, it’s really the play after the play. It’s the broken play, the scramble drill — and they get into that very well. [Kelce] and Mahomes have a serious connection and a lot of chemistry when they do that. That’s what makes them so successful in the field. It’s because as soon as the play even smells like it might be broken, Patrick Mahomes is breaking the pocket and Travis Kelce is finding that open area to just get a little bit of space.”

The Mahomes-Kelce is the focal point of a Chiefs offense that one opposing coach once compared to synchronized swimming. The ability to be on the same page is always key for a quarterback and their receivers. When that QB has unmatched throwing talent and the receiver is a big, nimble target with reliable hands, defenses don’t have much to counter with.

The improvisational skill Mahomes and Kelce have together is made even more dangerous with the schematic brilliance of Reid and aided further by rookie wideout Rashee Rice. In and out of he structure of their plays, the Chiefs have the capability to attack in any circumstance imaginable.

The Chiefs have already established themselves as one of the very best teams in recent memory with two championships in te last four years. They have the chance to add to that legacy in Super Bowl 58 against the San Francisco 49ers.