DID You Know That Michael Jackson As a Child Was Abused Physically and Emotionally By Own Father

Michael Jackson was certainly one of the most successful and famous artists ever but that does not necessarily mean he was happy. As gifted and charismatic as he was, he was also very troubled, which often comes with genius. His blessing was also his curse because as soon as his parents realized his talent in music at the young age of 6, his childhood ended and was replaced by relentless rehearsals, tours, endless performances and recording sessions. In addition, he had a narcissistic and sadistic father who abused him and his brothers both physically and emotionally, bullied him by nicknaming him fat nose and then exposed him to perform in front of hundreds of people and his mother was sadly his enabler.
Michael Jackson
He was the breadwinner for his family and most of the people surrounding him saw him as a source of income , a money making machine, rather than a person. He reached such levels of recognition and fame that he could not walk down the street without being literally mobbed by hundreds of fans, he was always scrutinized by the press, often ridiculed and trashed, from a very young age he had no sense of privacy, as though he was public property of which everyone owned a piece. Since he had no sense of normalcy ever since he was a kid it was highly unlikely he would grow up to being a well adjusted adult. Money interests, jealousy, sycophants, no sense of reality, no concept of money, media attention, scandals and health ailments such as chronic insomnia, vitiligo, lupus all took its toll on him and contributed to his untimely death.

The beginning of the end was the Pepsi freak accident in 1984 which led to third degree injuries and triggered his painkiller addiction as well as the 1993 child abuse allegations and the subsequent stress it caused him, especially in the middle of the dangerous tour. In addition, his addiction to plastic surgery, his changing skin color , the controversy from the sex scandals, the media backlash, the emerging financial and legal problems make one’s heart ache, thinking that all these were thrust upon only one person, even if that is the once highest paid artist of all times.
Michael Jackson performing live on stage
For the most part of his life he was unhappy. He was certainly not happy as a child and he was certainly depressed during the last decade of his life, which was marred by a disgraceful trial, financial trouble, self exile and a comeback tour he was physically unable to perform. But, even during his glory days he was sad. Even when he released Thriller he admitted to feeling so lonely that he walked down the streets asking random strangers to be his friend. So, yes he was a tragic hero. An abused child, a golden goose, a fallen king, once worshiped, yet, dethroned the very moment a mere suspicion of flaw came along, as a result of people’s jealousy of the extraordinary. So, yes, he was certainly tragic, in spite of his fame and wealth, i wouldn’t want to moonwalk in his shoes.
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