Check out John Cena Lookalike Trending on Twitter!

John Cena

A fitness coach from Brighton happens to be the spitting image of WWE wrestler John Cena and the internet is loving it.

Black John Cena-Brenda Cobbina

The lookalike, Brendan Cobbina, innocently tweeted a photo of himself a couple days ago and it quickly went viral.
The post racked up over 50,000 likes and over 7,000 retweets with plenty of responses in the comments section.
One user wrote: “Same haircut, pose, smile and everything. The only difference is black Cena has bigger arms. I’m convinced this is Cena’s long-lost brother.”
Cena’s character in the WWE is well known for taunting his opponents by saying ‘you can’t see me’ and social media, in typical fashion, take the saying literally with loads of memes floating around the internet.

Hence why a second user replied: “Can you explain me why I can’t see him ??”

Black John Cena-Brenda Cobbina

Brendan’s photo was taken outside ‘The Gak Store’, which is an independent musical instrument retailer and their social media account were quick to reply to the fitness trainer.
Black John Cena Vs White John Cena


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