Becky Lynch Challenges Beth Phoenix, Says She’s Afraid And Keeps Dodging A Match


Becky Lynch has told WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix to stop running scared and fight her.
The Raw Women’s Champion can be seen at this Saturday’s Royal Rumble premium live event when she puts her title on the line against Doudrop, but Big Time Becks is already looking ahead, and a match with The Glamazon.

Beth will be in action herself in St Louis this weekend, as she teams with husband Edge for the very first time to take on the team of Miz and his wife Maryse. However, will Lynch’s latest taunt torwards the former Women’s Champion temp Pheonix into stepping in the ring with The Man.

Speaking to WWE today Lynch reiterated her desire to make the match happen by stating…

“I’ve been tweeting that frickin’ Beth Phoenix trying to get her to fight me for years. She keeps saying no, she keeps dodging it. I think she’s scared. Yes. Yes, I would love to fight Beth Phoenix.”


Before she can deal with Beth though, the Irish trailblazer will be concentrating on The Royal Rumble, an event she has fond memories of growing up. Highlighting the surprise factor of the match as the reason that the event standouts in fans minds.
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“Royal Rumble was always the pay-per-view that I would stay up to watch, mostly because it was free on Irish television. Obviously because of the time difference it would start at 1:00 AM and I’d be up to 4:00an in the morning watching it. I just loved it. I loved the surprise element. That’s the best thing about the Royal Rumble. It’s the surprises. You don’t know who’s going to come out. You don’t know when they’re going to come out. It’s awesome. Obviously for myself, my favourite Royal Rumble moment would be when I won the Royal Rumble.”

Lynch has broken down barriers for WWE’s women’s division, to become one of the biggest stars in the company. She is also the first female to taste victory in the main event of WrestleMania, but she admits other than repeating that feat, she hasn’t set any further goals for herself just yet.

“Obviously, I want to main event WrestleMania AGAIN. Obviously, I want to fight all of these people, but I think that there’s something freeing in not being tied to “this goal is either going to make me or break me”. I feel like I accomplished all those things that I’ve wanted to accomplish, but now I’ve accomplished them and I felt that feeling. I want to stay there, and I want to bring everybody up there and maybe being Big Time Becks, I want the Women’s roster to continue to thrive. I want the show to be awesome. I want to have great matches. I want to have better matches than I’ve had. I want to have better promos than I’ve had. I want the stories to be brilliant and unmissable and I just want the business to be great and I want to help make it great.”


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