Awful and cruel to release top-secret plans about Queen Elizabeth’s death: royal expert


UK’s plans for what happens when the Queen dies have been leaked online. According to UK’s Daily Express, the detailed plan was part of a leaked report published by Politico today.



Leaked documents reveal that there is an entire protocol that will follow for 10 days, once the Queen’s death is certain, in an operation called London Bridge.



Commenting on the report, senior royal commentator Angelia Levin said “I think it is awful and cruel to release the top-secret plans about the Queen’s death.”



Taking to social media, she said, “Where are our morals?”A large number of royal fans also took to social media to react to the leaked documents and their publications.



Queen Elizabeth ask for Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirt?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United was not only big news in football, but it was a major international story and it was even rumoured to have provoked a special request from Queen Elizabeth.



Unconfirmed reports on social media have sparked a frenzy of rumours in the last day or so, suggesting that the British monarch sent a note to the Portuguese footballer asking for his new jersey.



More specifically, the story goes that the Queen was looking for 80 Manchester United shirts emblazoned with ‘RONALDO 7’ to distribute among her staff. In addition, she was also after Ronaldo’s first match jersey, signed, once he makes his second United debut.



If this outlandish claim is true, it would make Cristiano Ronaldo the only person on the planet that the Queen has ever asked for an autograph.


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