Archie feeds chickens in jeans and a cute basket in previously unseen footage… and he’s a Peppa Pig fan too


The previously unseen picture shows the royal two-year-old feeding the family’s chickens.In the adorable photo Archie is wearing relaxed stone-washed jeans and a grey-long sleeved top.



The youngster has his back turned to the camera as he tends the poultry roosting in his garden.He is clutching a wicker basket to feed the animals and gazes at them as they jostle each other for food.



Parents may also recognise the two-year-old’s fun Wellington boots which are Peppa Pig branded, proving that the little one likes much the same things as any other pre-schooler.



The previously unseen footage of the tiny tot was shared by his mum Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex, during a playful appearance on the Ellen show.
The Duchess of Sussex was a surprise guest on Ellen’s chat show, which aired today.



The conversation between the royal and the veteran presenter was kept light hearted with only a couple of mentions of her husband Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex.



Meghan said that Harry was loving his new life Stateside and also referenced him again later on when speaking about her new book, The Bench.


A lot of the conversation centred around fun and funny anecdotes from the Duchess’ childhood and emphasising how happy her life was before joining the Royal Family.



Fascinated royal watchers around the world tuned in, wondering whether Meghan would repeat her shocking claims of racism at the heart of the royal family, but no such controversial ground was covered.


meghan markle
Instead she and Ellen played a fun prank where Meghan wore and ear-piece and ventured out in public doing whatever hilarious instruction Ellen secretly gave her.



The wife of Prince Harry also joked about her acting career, shared a sweet anecdote about her entrepreneurial spirit as a youngster when she sold scrunchies at school and spoke about her children.



She confirmed that Archie adores her book The Bench and that he loved the first page where he could spot the two family dogs.



Meghan explained that the book was initially just written as a private poem for her husband Prince Harry but when she shared it with friends she found that it resonated with far more people so decided to have it published.


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