Another MJ In Africa As Black Kid Dances And Amazes People With His Hot Moon-Walking Moves

Michael Jackson Moon walks
Michael Jackson Moon walks

At a time when Michael Jackson, who died in 2009, will have his life reenacted in an upcoming biopic titled Michael, a young African boy wowed friends and onlookers to show how the Legend King of POP Michael Jackson has greatly influenced the whole world not leaving AFRICA out. He danced and people gathered were amazed with happiness boldly written all over their bright faces. Watch the short video below:


A kid and a white man danced hard in a short viral video that people could not stop praising them The man who tried to outmatch the kid moonwalked while the black kid repeated the move even better. Many people who reacted to the video were entertained by the dance moves and the humour infused in them

One of the kids of @ghettokids_tfug has wowed many people with his skills as he vied with a White man. Before the dance started, a lady placed a basin on his head. Another part of the clip has both the man and the kid dancing in sync.

People clapped for the dancers as they performed. Photo source @ghettokids_tfug Source Instagram
People clapped for the dancers as they performed. Photo source: @ghettokids_tfug Source: Instagram

Both moonwalked While they were displaying their moves, other children sat and watched them. To show that he is also a pro dance, the White man moonwalked.


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