10 beautiful pictures of Serena Williams that will leave you speechless

SW feature image

Take it or leave, Serena Williams is not just a good Tennis player to some of us, she is damn everything a die hard fan desire in someone they love wholeheartedly. The following PHOTOS proves Serena Williams is the hottest ever sport woman.
Serena Williams, 39, stepped out in the spring sunshine today to run errands in New York City. The world’s number one female tennis player showcased her toned pins in a stylish shirt dress which she teamed with a pair of metallic red stilettos during the outing.
SW hot body

Serena has had quite the career thus far and she hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. While Serena isn’t serving up aces or delivering devastating forehands to her opponents, she is showing what a beautiful woman she is off of the tennis court. She showed her flexibility though….
SW shows her flexibility

Serena has shown also that she is in incredibly shaped, running back and forth during volleys to get to every return possible. With this photo, we see just how ripped her mid-section is by the separation between the top and bottom pieces.
SW's shaped body

Just those three reasons alone make this photo sexier than the shine of the trophies Serena has won in both singles and doubles matches.

Some will argue later on that this photo should be higher on the list, but the others will make non-tennis fans make sure they tune in to Serena’s next match.
SW's seasoned smile

When people take a look at the hot photo of Serena Williams, they might go so far to say that this isn’t actually her. Well brace yourselves sports fans because it definitely is her!

The white pants show off her lower half extremely well. Everything shown is firm and tight which is what avid sports fans love in a female athlete.

The top shows off her sexy stomach which was shown earlier on in this list and the straight hair/enchanting smile combination make this photo desirable.
SW's hot body in swim trunk
The one part that could change is the shoes as it doesn’t seem to match the outfit. Never the less, Serena does a tremendous job making this outfit work and making ladies want to buy it and men want to see more of Serena.

She seems to know how to make any outfit look good, and the best part of it all is: the list will continue to show better photos of the tennis star!
This photo showing off Serena’s curves and edges finds itself sitting pretty like Serena always does at number 12. This photo comes courtesy of a photo shoot in which she is showing off her twins in a sports bra.
SW bluish
This is something fans rarely see from tennis players considering most shots of a tennis match are from overhead and don’t particularly focus on their chests.

Even just standing there smiling, you can’t help but love seeing Serena and wanting to see more.
Serena Williams
he fact that she has that interesting look on her face makes it even more appealing than she already is. Maybe she is looking on confidently in this picture because she is envisioning her next big tournament win?
Nobody knows why but her. Regardless of the reason, the people want more photos like this from Serena which will probably lead them to wanting to follow her upcoming matches.
SW's backside
By The Beach
To kick off the festivities that is Serena William’s sexiness, here is a picture of her in a blue bathing suit top that shows off her figure well. To the average sports fan, they might think there is too much muscle showing in her arms and chest.

But to the avid sports fan, they can tell that her arms are toned from all of her training and her chest shows off this suit quite nicely.

Serena has been known for her vicious backhands and forehands. We now know why she has those from just this photo.
SW's boobs showing
Serena Williams grabbing dudes


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